Working ON & IN the Business

Working ON & IN the Business
For more than 20 years now, Premier’s Mission has been an intense focus on Premier Partner Agencies’ Success and Aligning with our Carrier Partners and exceeding their benchmarks.
To that end we’ve learned some things along the way. Today we are better and stronger than ever. We have more resources for you to help you work both ON the business and IN the business and are one of the largest and fastest growing groups in the country (please see About Us tab for more).
At Premier, 1 size does NOT fit all. But there are some characteristics that are undeniable in optimizing one’s success. Perhaps you might be able to have a degree of success alone but the vast majority of the time people and organizations are better with a playbook and set of best practices and people that can provide mentorship, coaching and feedback – people that have PROVEN EXPERIENCE and have your back to help you to optimize opportunities and also help you to identify the booby traps. This enables you to get to where you want to be FASTER, EASIER, and w LESS PAIN.
This is what we do at Premier. A full-time effort using the Premier Playbook can yield a very positive margin for you over time. But it requires both working ON the business and IN the business by you.
3 Foundations of Working ON the Business – stepping back periodically to analyze and act upon your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in 3 Strategic Areas:
1. Vision & Strategy – Know your end game at a point in time… Determine how you will get there to achieve what it is you desire and recognize the factors that make our business dynamic. As such your plans and achieving ACTUAL TO PLAN must be adaptable to a changing market.
2. People – Ultimately it is very difficult to go it alone. Having the right people regarding competencies, attitude, loyalty, organizational fit, and potential for professional growth, is critical.
3. Execution – In the real-world there are no participation trophies, and no one pays you for trying. It’s about ringing the cash register through your sales and/or service efforts, your deliverables.
Working IN the Business – What to Do and How to Do it using Premier’s 5 Pillars of:
1. Pipeline Development – How to Generate Leads that work for you with greater ROI…?
2. Sales Skill Continuum – How to develop your team’s sales skills to sell to different buyers’ styles, needs, and budgets, and yet provide the asset protection which our noble profession is known for as licensed professionals…?
3. Retention and Lifetime value – How do you Retain business and then continuously feed the Pipeline...?
4. Agency Operations – How do you double or triple the industry EBITA average? Answers are in Efficiency, Productivity, Expense management, CSR and Producer Compensation, Producer Contracts and Management, Time Management and Capacity, and Knowing the Industry Benchmarks & Critical Analytics to identify when to trim and when to spend to make more.
5. Carrier Relationships – How to drive both favorable Relationships and Results with your carriers…?
This subject matter is gone into in detail in your initial onboarding, Premier Live and Recorded Webinars and Lifecycle and Training Sections. Check the Training Calendar for the next session!
We hope you take advantage of the programs and we invite you to send feedback to our President at