Agencies With Multiple Producers

Agencies with Multiple Producers

Agents can add multiple users to their EZLynx branch. Please review your contract with PGI to determine the cost of adding an additional user. The additional user fee will be deducted from your commissions on your monthly statement.

To Request New User:

Email this info:

  • First Name of User
  • Last Name of User
  • Email Address of User
  • If user can only access applicants under their user or if they can access all applicants in your branch
  • If user can access reports

If you are requesting a user for an unlicensed Virtual Assistant and want them to have carrier access, please only allow that Virtual Assistant to do data entry on quotes. They should not be binding quotes, presenting them to insureds, or working with underwriters since they are unlicensed.

When an employee leaves, be sure to request their user be disabled so they can no longer access EZLynx and so you don’t continue to be charged the additional user fee.

PGI can reassign all the applicants and tasks of the user you want to remove to a different user who is still active with your agency. It takes one business day for the reasssignment to complete after it is submitted.

To Request Removal of User:

Email this info:

  • Name of User
  • Name of Active User to re-assign the applicants and tasks of the user being removed.
  • If they need to be removed from Sales Center or Retention Center

EZLynx offers EZLynx University which can help your employees learn skills in EZLynx on their own, reducing the amount of time you have to spend training them. 

EZLynx University contains courses that are bundles of YouTube videos around different topics in EZLynx.

Our top recommended courses are:

  • 101 Consumer Quoting for CSRs and Producers 
  • 101 Management System for CSRs and Producers 
  • 102 E-signature 
  • 102 Email Campaigns 

Your new employee can access EZLynx University by hovering their mouse over the settings icon which looks like a round gear, and then clicking on EZLynx University. They may be prompted to reset their EZLynx password the first time signing into EZLynx University.

EZLynx Support Center offers a knowledge base with articles about different EZLynx topics and Forums to view other users discussions of issues you might have, updates on what is new in EZLynx, and the ability to submit a support ticket.

We strongly recommend that if you need support you contact PGI first by emailing PGI can help solve a lot of problems on their own and for problems that do require EZLynx assistance, involving PGI staff will help increase the likelihood of more prompt resolutions from EZLynx.

Activity Settings:

Creating Notes & Tasks: