Personal Lines Training Team

Personal Lines Training Team

Trenny Dillon

Personal Lines Trainer

720.457.1101 x 113
Direct 720.457.3497
Joshua Kruse

Licensing Specialist & Personal Lines Trainer
720.457.1101 x 123
Direct 303-317-4206
Cassandra Hayne

Training Team Lead

720.457.1101 x 111
Direct 303.242.8125

Trenny Dillon is a major component in the PGI operation. Her great caring and cheerful attitude, her sense of humor brighten everyone’s workday. Her vast knowledge and experience within the insurance industry make her a very special asset to PGI. Her desire to help others succeed is evident in the manner in which she interacts with new agents during training sessions and when they call with questions. She puts forth an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that each and every new agent has the best opportunity to be successful in their endeavors as PGI agents.

Trenny’s favorite activities are to take her dogs and go on a hike with friends on warm, sunny days. Spending time with her family is also most important to Trenny. Her lifetime dream is to one day be able to work with animals and children in need.

Joshua Kruse is from South Florida and has been in Colorado almost 20 years. In his spare time, he enjoys the beauty of Colorado, and enjoys hiking, biking, golf, tennis, the gym, live music, and spending time with his friend and family.

Cassandra Hayne is originally from Southern California and moved to Pensacola Florida when she was twelve. She then moved to Gainesville Florida to go to college.

She likes dogs and traveling as well as anthropology and baking. If she were not working in insurance her dream would be to be doing ethnographies about the U.S. educational system. She values being a well rounded person.

The craziest thing she has ever done is travel around the country with her brother for three months. She got to go to a lot National Monuments and a lot of places she had not seen before.

Paul Ayala

Personal Lines Trainer

720.457.1101 x 128
Direct 303.459.4355
Gardner Foss

Personal Lines Training Specialist
720.457.1101 x 129
Direct 303-459-4266

Personal Lines Training Specialist/Agent. Born and raised right here in Denver, CO. Lover of all things that are Colorado (GO BRONCOS!). 16 years of insurance industry experience. Former captive and independent agency owner. Current husband and father to three angels.

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