To: All PGI Agents, Customers and Partners,
We begin by wishing you the very best in these times and giving you assurance that the Premier Home Office and Field Team remains fully operational through our virtual means with most of the staff working remote from home. This past week it is readily apparent how important our business of insurance is during these times. The business of insurance companies, which includes distribution and servicing, is included in the Financial Sector of essential businesses by the Federal Government. This is relevant as various states take additional measures at the state level with regard to work force and safety with some states mandating by executive order that many businesses shut down normal operations or take other measures. As actions have been and may be taken by other states, Premier Agency Owners will source out their own state executive orders for where they are domiciled and see specific state parameters as all states may not follow the same interpretation and/or will have their own executive orders state by state as they feel the need to in conjunction with any Federal Government executive orders.
• We see our insurance carrier and broker and vendor partners notifying us of their preparedness as well, and continuing their operational effectiveness and stretching as we all need to do, to take care of our own staff, our agency distribution partners, and the reason we are all in business, to service and fulfill our promise to our policyholders.
• Some are making underwriting accommodations.
• Some are exercising flexibility with payment options.
• Some are helping agencies by broadening their consumer and agency support lines to help clients be served.
For any questions on the contents herein and anything else related to our mutual business, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. In closing, Rex Hickling, our president shares with you one of his favorite quotes – from Winston Churchill, during another period of history affecting the globe and how we live; it goes something along the lines of “when times are tough you give it your best; and when your best isn’t good enough, you do what it takes”. It is likely many of us have had friends or loved ones impacted by employers shutting down. But as Americans always do, we fight the fight and we win. Hopefully what each of us does helps the curve to soon flatten.
To All of You from All of Us at Premier, our best wishes for your safety and continued partnership.

– Premier Group Insurance