Lifecycle Intro – New Agency

Lifecycle Intro – New Agency
First, a hearty WELCOME to you from Premier! Whether you are experienced, new to the business, or have experience in a different insurance related or business vertical, this is an exciting opportunity for you.
We’ve found that success in your first year depends on 3 things:
1. Your full time focus and energy on your P&C insurance business, along with focus on your ongoing and dynamic plans, which will indeed take more than 40 hours per week to successfully launch;

2. Knowing and respecting your boundaries for this stage of where you are so that you build a rock-solid foundation upon which to further frame your business;

3. Going deep in subject matter to learn the details, systems, and best practices for success as well as the differences in carriers and the vast array of value they bring you to meet your clients’ coverage needs.
Much of the information in the Quick Reference section focuses on What to DO with some of the Why along the way, unless it is self-evident.
The HOW to DO is the secret sauce and is your Playbook for Success and is part of your training program, which is customized as needed based on your experience level. Your training program, additional website information, and your initial onboarding will be much more in depth than this Quick Reference Information and will include at times prep work, homework, practice, some on-line learning as well as videos and webinars. Some of the latter are recorded for 24/7 access and some are live for real time Q&A. In all situations we are respectful of your time and ask that you be of ours and attend all of the agreed upon 1:1 or group training sessions.
The objective of this Quick Reference information is to provide you with just that. Quick Reference information for you AFTER you gone through the training. Much like the chapter summary sections in any number of best-selling learning books, such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, to name one.
The foundational areas we will touch on will be further developed in each Lifecycle of your agency as your business matures and grows. You are welcome to look ahead at the other Lifecycle’s Quick Reference information.
And be certain to review and know in depth the “ALL AGENCY” QUICK REFERENCE SECTION INFORMATION
There are so many exciting parts of this business; once you build your foundation there is always another level to aspire to! And, as your grow and become a student of the in business of P&C in the independent channel, understanding the winds of change in consumer trends and drivers, as well as technology in and around our P&C space you will be an unstoppable force bringing value to your clients and community!
For now, best wishes in your Training which will help you to lay the foundation for your SUCCESS!
Rex Hickling, CPCU, AIM
Shawn Walker
Vice President
P.S. Be sure to See the PGI Staff Contact List for WHO DOES WHAT. You will have questions; it is important you know whom to contact.