05/12/2021 Episode #6: Agent Spotlight – Johanna Hernadez – Agency Owner Prime Insurance & Business Services

Johanna Hernadez is IN THE HOUSE! Johanna started working with PGI 10.5 years ago as a Receptionist Admin. Since then she has grown exponentially in the insurance industry, becoming a commercial insurance titan and starting her agency in September of 2020. In this episode, Johanna sits down with Shawn to talk about her career path, carrier relationships, efficiently working with underwriters, and the things she has learned since starting her agency. Come drop in on the conversation. You might just learn a thing or two!


I don’t suggest this but if you are scared to commit to the whole Podcast, I’ve highlighted some funny topics you can jump to for a shorter faster, fun, informative listen: 

0:42 – Everything that I’ve been through…

1:40 – Negotiate everything!

2:20 – I was with Premier for 10.5 years 

3:30 – Their main concern was my age…

4:40 – Who is Johanna on a personal level? 

7:15 – It’s a fast-paced environment. 

8:02 – Insurance is like the Mafia – You get in, and don’t get out.

8:20 – Funniest insurance stories.

9:55 – He just fell off a ROOF! 

14:20 – I want everyone in the world to understand what a CL juggernaut you are. 

14:45 – Easiest and hardest aspects of CL.

17:10 –  Anything that goes surplus is challenging. 

18:00  – What are you planning on doing with the agency? 

19:35 – Can I explain your commercial policy? 

20:10  – Education approach with sales.

21:50 – When it comes to commercial insurance, have good relationships with your underwriters. It’s all about how you phrase your questions.

23:55  – Now that I’m in business my advice is…

26:00  – You need to realize it. Are you ready for a complex commercial relationship? 

27:05  – What about insurance is foxy to you?

30:00  – The whole industry is talking about cyber. 

31:40  – How does your agency fill the pipeline? 

32:45 – How I’m going after renewals.

33:35  – What are you giving your lead provider? 

36:25 What about sales in your office? 

41:25 – The reason that agents have favorite carriers. 

45:18 – If carriers want to make it into an agent’s top 3… 

47:10 – Carrier Relations how to build and nurture them. 

48:32 – I don’t understand why this underwriter won’t approve this body wrap thing…Then we saw the flames.

52:55 – It always blows my mind…

54:20 – Who is your favorite rep? 

58:20 – What is the hardest part of owning an agency? 

1:01:50 – You have to give people what they want. 

1:04:00 – Know your audience!