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About Premier – An Introduction from Premier’s President
Thank you for your interest in Premier. With over 20 years in business, Premier is one of the largest and fastest growing Property & Casualty agency entities in the United States. In fact, Insurance Journal ranks Premier as #16 in Personal Lines out of an independent agency universe of nearly 38,500 agencies, and #62 in total P&C. Today, our literally hundreds of agency partners span coast to coast with more joining the PGI agency centric model each week. Below, you will find a bit of information about the Premier story, and more importantly, our deliverables to help enable your P&C success, around which our mission is centered. Agency Success and Carrier Alignment is at the heart of the Premier Mission.

Premier’s Founder and CEO, Youngdon Yun, is a first-generation immigrant to the United States. Growing up, working in his family’s small businesses, he learned first-hand the myriad roles one must play in a small business and the hard work it takes to be successful. After graduating from the University of Colorado in the early 1990s he embarked on a career in Life Insurance sales. Young was a natural at connecting with people and was quite successful at selling value in his portfolio of life products. In time, Young transitioned to become a captive agency owner. That path led him to additional learnings and success but also gave him the realization that perhaps he was a bit too maverick for the sometimes-well-defined structure of the captive world and the vision he had. So, in 1999, Mr. Yun founded Premier Group Insurance, his own independent agency. Over the next 10 years, he grew Premier to nearly 50 locations. His success was based on a simple foundation of “say what you will do and do what you say to meet and exceed customers’ expectations…,” which remains the bedrock of the Premier foundation to this day.

In 2010, I joined Premier and brought my 25 years of Fortune 100 experience on the carrier side to Premier. With some pretty good learnings from my experiences in underwriting, product and pricing, regulatory compliance, sales and marketing, and general and executive management at Safeco and Travelers I still had to learn a few things about the agency side of the business. It wasn’t too long before Young and I re-tooled Premier to embark on a vision to take Premier coast to coast, in a world of good-better-best, work our smartest to earn a badge of BEST from our agency partners – something day in and day out we strive for via an internal culture of what we call the 3 Is. Constant Improvement, Innovation, and Investment in our business. The 3 Is, coupled with the 3 Qs, doing things Quickly, to help drive huge Quantity for our agency partners, but never sacrificing Quality, has allowed us to not only grow but to pivot and expand into other verticals, and to also bring in some handsome results which drives extra compensation with our carriers in which agents can share.

Today we have custom built P&C practice programs for not only experienced agents coming from the captive space, but also programs to fit many spoke and hub models, such as larger Life and Health agencies, and an array of other businesses (mortgagee, credit unions & banks, tax outfits, real estate, auto dealerships, etc.), where it makes sense to integrate a P&C practice to both bring added value to one’s core client base and to also have another profit center.

Along the way, we’ve added additional rocket boosters to the leadership team, Shawn Walker as Vice President, overseeing Carrier relations, Licensing, PL Training, and more, and David Colvin as National Business Development Director, overseeing our field team of business development managers. Shawn and David both have extensive experience on BOTH the agency side of the business and carrier side of the business and round out the leadership team to a tally of more than 100 years of experience.

In the course of our expansion, we’ve developed alliances with the best of people who have proven expertise in specialized fields. dealerCor is our program manager for our dealership vertical. Insurance Soup is second to none for educating agents on the latest lead generation programs in social media for personal, commercial, and other insurance related product lines. And for 2019, we have new alliances in the Life and Health, space, where if an agency elects to do so they can fully round out their business…

Deliverables that make a difference are the key to your success. Our success is only gained through your success. How we get there together is through straight talk, level setting on accountabilities, expectations, and the roles and responsibilities needed to achieve ones’ vision. In doing so the Premier Difference focuses on 3 areas - Vision & Strategy, People, and Execution. Your definition of success and how you define it and your path to building wealth and business value becomes a joint venture for us. We are all in with you, but you must also be all in. We are selective about with whom we partner, just as you should be. The contractual and financial P&C offering we provide is second to none for building sustainable wealth and business value. Below is a sampling of the makeup of our program – PGI’s ten habits of highly effective agencies, around which our program is based. The HOW TO DO for the items below & Premier’s People working with Your People are what makes the difference to executing success.

The decision you are about to make is incredibly important and potentially can impact so many other aspects of your life. Add to that, sometimes there’s a lot of noise on the P&C space and unproven start-ups… I encourage you to consider a trip to Denver to meet with us. You’ll be glad you did!

To Your Success!
Rex Hickling, CPCU, AIM,
President Premier Group Insurance

Vision & Strategy
1. How to build a Plan that fits for your Agency Lifecycle and is dynamic (Not 1 Size fits all…)
2. Technology & Security – How to Embrace it & Sort through noise!
3. Analytics & Key Measures – What’s important and actionable to measure & How to do it?
4. Change – How to develop a Culture that embraces it…

5. Operations – How to achieve margin 2-3 x the industry average
6. Selection, Training, & Onboarding using effective Time Management & ROI
7. Carrier Relations (2Rs – Developing Front Line Underwriting to Drive Results and Relationships)

8. Pipeline Lead Development & ROI
9. Sales & Asset Protection – Value vs. Commoditization as you execute the 3Rs.
10. Servicing & Retention to Optimize Client Lifetime Value