12/07/2023 - Catch this Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

12/07/2023 - Catch this Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

11/07/2023 - Catch this Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

PGI Agency Owners and Partners,


This week's guest is Kaleigha Cramer, Owner of 212 Insurance Group. Kaleigha understands how to take her personal experiences and turn them into selling opportunities, connecting with her community on a grassroots level and becoming a local staple. You will not want to miss this episode, it is chalked full of advice on how to organically find your clients and niches.




If you don’t have time for the entire episode, here are the time stamps: 

0:15 - Who is Kaleigha Cramer? 

3:00 - We are here to help people. 

5:10 - How do you go from cell phone sales to insurance? 

12:45 - How long were you at Allstate? 

13:00 - This is the Broadway episode! 

15:00 - Career path to independence? 

17:00 - I learned what I wanted to do as an agent, but also what I didn't want to do. 

19:39 - So you found independence through Insurance Soup? 

21:40 - What has been the most difficult part of starting your independent agency? 

25:30 - Utilize your carrier reps to understand your carrier's appetite and vet your client for legacy policies. 

27:40 - I am a field underwriter. 

29:30 - Who is Ezra and what's the story behind the mullet? 

33:15 - Mentors in the industry? 

37:24 - What do you think carriers don't understand about agency owners? 

41:50 - What is the funniest insurance story you have? 

46:41 - How do you manage your time? 

55:00 - What are your niches? 

59:10 - What mistakes have you made? 

1:05:50 - What is your favorite musical? 

1:10:45 - What advice would you give to your younger self? 


Honorable Mentions: 

David Crothers 

Ron Wadley 

Amanda Minters 

Insurance Soup 

Matt Genova 

Charles McDade 

Jeffery Seidel 


Taylor Dobbie 

Shake the Hate 

Galinda Baker 

Malia Rodgers 

Tarren Moore 

Jack Jamison 

Scott Howell 

Bradley Flowers 

Ron Wadley 

Michael McCormick 

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