10/01/2020 - Now is the time with one quarter left in 2020… Take advantage of co-op opportunities with PGI!

10/01/2020 - Now is the time with one quarter left in 2020… Take advantage of co-op opportunities with PGI!

 PGI Agents – Did you know you can get 50% back on… 


Bought Leads? 

Association Membership Fees? ✔️

Local Sponsorship? 

Website Hosting 

Business Consulting? 

Now is the time to take advantage of new digital offers and take your agency to the next level! The Nationwide Co-op Marketing Program is an annual program designed to help agents fuel growth in partnership with Nationwide. With this program, you can receive 50% reimbursement on eligible marketing expenses when you use the Nationwide brand when required and if approved by Premier

If you are interested in signing up, please click below to register.


Program Eligibility Details and Reminders:

  • You must be a Nationwide agent. If you do NOT have a Nationwide code, contact your licensing person. 
  • Review the attached eligibility guide for this year's approved vendors.
  • To be approved, you must click on the image below to fill out the PGI sign up form.
  • Submit all invoices monthly to PGI for processing 
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted via Marketing Central and submitted by PGI Corporate Office
  • PGI & Nationwide reserves the right to change eligible tactics, vendors and/or reimbursement levels throughout the year.
  • As a participant of the program, it is your responsibility to check eligibility requirements prior to initiating your activity
  • Sign up with the approved vendor and tell them you are going to be apart of the Nationwide Co-Op Program (They will request your PGI Agency Code: 28352)
  • At the end of each month, submit all invoices to KelseyO@PGIAgents.com
  • Lead Invoices are not reimbursed pro-rated. Money will be reimbursed on an AS USED bases. 
  • Nationwide reimbursement can take up to 120 days to provide payment back to Premier.
  • PGI will then send a check with the approved amount. (Please know this may be different than requested.)

If you have questions regarding 2019/2020 Co-op claims or accessing Marketing Central, contact Kelsey Oglesbee (KelseyO@PGIAgents.com)


Go ahead and click on the link above to sign up. To see all eligible opportunities you can  Review the 2020 Co-op Eligibility Guide here.


Kelsey Oglesbee

Marketing Department Manager


600 17th Street Ste. 1425N | Denver, CO 80202

Direct: 303-325-5870| Office: 720-457-1101

Email: kelseyo@pgiagents.com


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