09/12/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me podcast!

09/12/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me podcast!

09/12/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me podcast! 

The guest on this next episode has an incredible message! We first met Christos Provistalis when he presented to a group of 50 agents and brought the house down with his messages of customer service, situational awareness, what we sell, and so many more messages. Christos worked for the world-class Walt Disney organization for years, learning the best class of customer service, and he brought back all he learned to help run his family's generational restaurant business. Now, he travels the nation speaking to companies in every industry, you can bet his message will relate to you no matter your profession!    


We encourage you to see this up-and-coming speaker in our industry and see if you relate to the stories he tells and the lessons he learned working for a company that is possibly known for being the best at customer service.




2:00 - Who is Christos? 

7:00 - I was lucky enough to meet Chris Paradiso. 

9:30 - My wife gave me full support to create my class. 

11:20 - "One person can really change your trajectory." 

13:45 - "You're an average of the 5 people you hang out with the most." 15:45 - You have to know what you sell, and it's not the product! 

22:00 - We had a Big Fat Greek Wedding Reception! 

23:20 - What have you learned about the Insurance agency? 

26:00 - It's an incredible time for opportunity. 

30:00 - Give me a rundown of your class. 

33:00 - "We are all in the customer perception business." 

38:15 - Best customer experience you got from your most recent stay at Disney. 

49:00 - How does one business differentiate itself from other businesses like it? 

1:00:50 - How does Walt Disney make those magic moments? 

1:08:15 - What would you tell 22-year-old Christos? 

1:16:40 - Your message is so much more than just customer service. 


Honorable Mentions: 


Chris Paradiso 

Chris Paradiso Mastermind Class 

Walt Disney 


Golden Girls 

Hartford, Connecticut. 

Merrill Insurance Agency 

Brett Merrill 

Soup Live 

Mike Stromsoe