06/29/2022 - PGI Commercial Lines – State of the Department – Mid-Year 2022

06/29/2022 - PGI Commercial Lines – State of the Department – Mid-Year 2022

06/29/2022 - PGI Commercial Lines – State of the Department – Mid-Year 2022

Hello PGI agents,


I hope that you are all enjoying great success in 2022.  Mid-year seems like a great time to give you all a status update on everything related to Commercial Lines at PGI, so here goes…


I’m happy, excited, and grateful to report that Commercial Lines production has been rip roaring on-fire through the first half of this year.  As a collective group, PGI is on pace to grow our commercial book by over 50% in 2022!  Congratulations to all the agents seeing success in commercial lines and thank you for your efforts!


In other news, we completed our first session of the Commercial Lines Production School, a 16-week program focused on developing a thriving and profitable commercial lines book of business. 


Here’s what some of our participating agents had to say about the program:


“I would highly recommend the CL Production School to all agents wanting to start and begin building their CL business.”


“By far one of the best things I have done for my Commercial business! Great trainings packed with priceless information that will definitely lead me to a successful commercial book!”


“Investing your time into this course will allow you to comprehend what you need to be doing, how to do it and how to execute on the fundamentals of selling commercial insurance.”


We’ll be starting our next Production School session in August, click here for more info and session dates!


Our commercial lines team has also developed a full on-demand learning library that consists of commercial coverage trainings, business development and servicing trainings, as well as EZLynx guidance for commercial lines.  Click here to download our Training Library.  We’ve also created a Procedure Manual that will guide you step by step though each commercial servicing process in EZLynx.  Click here to download your commercial lines procedure manual.


Additionally, we’re thrilled to have launched our Commercial Lines Producer Loan Program.  In this program we’ll lend our agents up to $25,000 annually to help fund a new commercial lines producer (or a service person so that our agent can get out and produce).  If the producer hits certain production goals, we’ll forgive 50% of the loan!!!  That’s up to $12,500 of free money!!!  Click here for more information on this program.


In another exciting development, PGI will be launching a Commercial Lines Educational Series in the second half of 2022.  We’ll be partnering with our carriers to bring you topical experts who will take a deep dive in various commercial coverage and other subject matter related to commercial insurance.  The series will consist of monthly on-line webinars where you can learn and interact with top industry minds.  Click here for webinar topics, dates, and times!


Lastly, we’ve continued to source affinity partnerships that will drive efficiency at the agent level.  Over the last few months, we’ve set up relationships with Tarmika, a commercial lines multi-rating platform, and Propeller Bonds, a quick on-line rating and binding tool for bonds.  Click here for more information on our vendor affinity relationships.


Please feel free to reach out to me personally or your Commercial Business Consultant if you have any additional needs or questions.  We’re here to help you write commercial and grow thriving and profitable commercial practices.


Matt Genova