06/01/2022 - Brand New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

06/01/2022 - Brand New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

06/01/2022 - Brand New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

PGI Agents,


In the latest installment of Insurance, You Indemnify Me we host “Uncle” Ron Wadley! Ron Wadley is nothing short of a Famous agent. To many, he is known as Uncle Ron! He was an actuary before he started in Insurance and went to farmers before going Independent!  Nine years in and he is well known as a Marketing Guru. Agents from all over the industry sit at his feet to listen to him and learn from him.


In this show, he gets into what he does, in detail, in his agency. How he does it. We disagree on some significant fronts and it gets a little confrontational at points. We get into how he markets and remarkets, his tech stack, his processes, how he educates clients, his funniest stories, his most meaningful stories, and his favorite carrier. Folks, you can’t miss this show. If you need to jump to specific time stamps look below for those and check out the list of honorable mentions!


Also, Shawn finally figured out how to share the funniest story in his 20-year career! Come join the conversation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVWncsmSW0o

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole episode, here are some time stamps: 


1:00 - Who is Ron Wadley? 

4:50 - How did you become a marketer? 

17:30 - Do you fill your pipeline strictly through digital marketing? 

21:20 -  How would you describe the difference /between independent and captive worlds? 25:00 - Best speakers from Insurance Soup Live? 

29:00 - Magical trick for digital marketing? 

33:50 - Funniest story in insurance? 40:40 - Most meaningful insurance story? 

44:40 - How do you provide options to your clients? 

45:35 - How do you educate the client? 

47:30 - Who is on your personal board of directors? 

53:50 - It was called Insurance Stew Once Upon a Time? 

56:45 - Favorite Carrier, why? 

1:09:00 - Reactive or proactive in reaching out to renewals? 

1:14:10 - Agency Tech Stack. 

1:20:30 - What would you tell younger Ron. 


Honorable Mentions: 

Baylor University 

Waco, TX. 


Fort Worth 

Bank One Tower 


Taylor Dobbie 

Mike McCormick 

Insurance Soup 

David Crouthers 

Jack Jameson 

Bradley Flowers Germania 


Brian Blair 


David Carothers 

Troy Korsgaden 

CJ Hutsenpiller 

Malia Rodgers