05/05/2021 -Podcast Episode #5: Carrier Spotlight - Ben Wilhelm - AVP Sales at Nationwide Insurance

05/05/2021 -Podcast Episode #5: Carrier Spotlight - Ben Wilhelm - AVP Sales at Nationwide Insurance

I am shocked at how many Folks at¬†all levels¬†are listening to and loving¬†‚ÄúInsurance, You identify me!‚Ä̬†Carrier folks are getting insight they never expected and Agents are learning tips and tricks about the five pillars and are feeling more connected to their partner carriers than ever. ¬†¬†


We know you’ve been waiting for the next release!  Here it is! 


This week we welcome Ben Wilhelm - AVP Sales at Nationwide Insurance to the microphone! Ben has been with the company for over 20 years! Join us for a fast paced conversation that starts with Claims, moves to Underwriting, Nationwide leadership, Agent life, and the Five Pillars (Pipeline, Sales, Retention, Agency Operations, and Carrier Relations) 


There are a number of nuggets in here that will blow your mind. Cuddle up to the ones you love and listen to this podcast tonight! 






I don’t suggest this but if you are scared to commit to the whole Podcast, I’ve highlighted some funtopics you can jump to for a shorter faster, informative listen: 

00:20 - First remote PODCAST! 

00:50 - Who is Ben? 

1:40 - 8 States 

3:20 - I grew up just dying to get into insurance

3:44 - I want to be the CEO of Disney! 

5:10 - I didn't really know what I wanted to do in College. 

6:00 - I interviewed with the lead of claims. 

7:00 - I want to make that impact. 

7:30 - It was hard but a lot of fun. 

7:46 - Iv always worked on the Independent side.

9:30 - It was the most embarrassing interview of my life. 

10:30 - I wasn't properly caffeinated. 

12:25 - Why do you stay? 

13:00 - It prepared me to have empathy. 

14:05 - This is my first storm duty. 

14:50 - All of a sudden I hear a shotgun cock.....

16:10 - It's the people! 

18:30 - Have you had to deliver a "No"..

18:45 - So Much More.. 

20:35 - Get to know your Underwriters.

21:40 - Are agents salespeople or field underwriters? 

22:00 - Agents protect their book from a profitability standpoint. 

25:00 - How great is Nationwide? 

25:25 - Show me the Tattoo!... and sell some Smart Miles!

25:50 - Moments that matter. 

27:15 - That shows a company that steps up and helps. 

28:31 - Our Team is #1, Our Customer is #1

31:52 - You can impact someone in 30 seconds.

32:00 - How cool is Mark Berven in real life? 

34:35 - The most creative stuff come by COI's

35:30 - You have to be prepared to not fail. 

37:20 - Nationwide sponsored the painting of the white lines and the logo was all over the parking lot.. 

38:55 - If you fill this out we gave the money back to the school. 

41:00 - What do great agencies do? 

43:25 - Pipeline Diversity 

44:00 - You have to be Driven, Highly Committed, Knowledgeable, Charismatic...

45:40 - We are experts in your marketplace.

47:18 - I own my own business. 

49:15 - The ability to be an entrepreneur the way you want to be. 

50:30 - We have to be at the forefront of the organization.

51:05 - We help with state-of-the-art things..

52:50 - Where is the line in the sand? 

54:20 - It depends on the customer. 

55:15 - How do they want to be communicated with? Start with the relationship.

58:05 - What does that symbiotic relationship look like with that agent? 

59:40 - Independent Agents are the face of the industry. 

1:01:05 - Honesty & Relationship  

1:03:05 - Airplane Insurance 

1:05:00 - How we service the customer is important. 

1:06:18 - Why do we love Chick Fila 

1:08:30 - Amazon VS eBay 

1:09:45 - How do you think COVID has affected that?

1:12:30 - I want to be a $100/hr agent. 

1:14:20 - Take the things we learned from COVID. 

1:16:15 - Shout out to Nicole! 

1:18:20 - What happens to the auto line in regards to profitability? 

1:18:55 - Telematics 

1:20:20 - Most of our employees now will work from home.

1:22:50 - Kirt Walker - Nationwide 

1:25:00 - Don't be afraid to take a chance.

1:27:10 - Find what you love in life. 


Honorable Mentions: 

Geoff Stewart

Mark Berven 


Nicole Laborce

Amanda Johnson

Kirt Walker 


What meaningful topics do you want to hear discussed on the next podcast? Have a favorite insurance professional? Let us know! 

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