04/27/2020 - "WHAT ARE YOUR PAIN POINTS?" Premier Agency Owner Announcement for week of April 27, 2020

04/27/2020 - "WHAT ARE YOUR PAIN POINTS?"  Premier Agency Owner Announcement for week of April 27, 2020
Dear Premier Agency Owners,
Around the country, things are starting to open up.  Traffic here in Denver was the heaviest I have seen since the Colorado Stay at Home Order began on March 16th.  That order has now migrated to a Safer at Home order, and we see many areas of the country making similar changes as best and safe for your respective area to open business back up.  That is good for your business if done right!  
This week you will receive Premier info as follows: 
  • From Kelsey info on Premier’s new digital marketing program, and pricing and enrollment.  We greatly encourage you to take advantage of the Digital Marketing program discount which is 75% off during May at $250 and 50% off during June at $500 for the 3 extensive Learning Management course programs on Digital Marketing for your agency – for up to 3 registrants.  The ala carte and package service items are not discounted as they are 1:1 time w Premier staff, Kelsey, on the custom needs and development for your agency.  ALL billings will be delayed to be applied in the August commission statement. 
  • From Cassie and Brianda, two core new business personal lines lead generation programs, as in some areas shopping for auto insurance has slowed a bit… These programs involve showing you how to generate lists for customer you quoted but did not sell.  And how also generate lists for Auto clients where you do not have the Home business and Homeowners clients where you do not have the Auto.  Sc – both to account round in your agency.  Scripts will be provided as a guide if needed, along with a Referral Program piece as well. 
  • From Shawn  - Part 2 (of 3) on The Premier Program on How to Lower even More your Loss Ratios and a reminder of  E&O Best Practices.  
  • Next week we will kick off May’s first full week with additional information from our May 1, 2020 Premier Agency Council conference call and Best Practices and Analytics on a number of fronts, along with Carrier Logo Use & Rules. 
  • IMPORTANT > After commissions are in with the May agency deposits we will announce a Premier Agency Funding Program, targeting agencies in need, who do not have a reasonably sized in force book (retention is doing well thus far!), but who have stayed open full time virtually or in-office, and who have done everything they can from digital marketing to client outreach to new innovative lead generation to sustain and grow your business and service your clients.       
FOR NOW, PLEASE REPLY to REX to the handful of Qs below so we can better understand your individual pain points – Help Us to Help You.    
  1. For April – describe how your Quotes and New Business are Trending for your Major Lines.  
  1. Based on what you are seeing, what % above or below do you expect your May commission deposit for April Production to come in at, compared to your April commission deposit for March Production…? 
  1. Have you maintained all of your staff?
  1. Do you have any hiring needs for licensed personnel?  (Please elaborate as Premier is developing a new PGI Licensed Agency Personnel Program to help agencies in this area, which is normally a #1 pain point, and we are trying to determine WHEN you may need to staff up…)
  1. Do you have any hiring needs for un-licensed personnel?  
  1. What do you need help with…?
  1. What have you done that has helped you to sustain and/or thrive in this unique market environment…? 
Rex, Young, and Shawn
Rex Hickling, President  
Cell: (303) 818-6218
600 17th St. Suite 1425N
Denver, CO 80202