04/12/2021- PGI Address Change: Possible Mail Delay

04/12/2021- PGI Address Change: Possible Mail Delay


PGI Agents, 


Normally our address change would have limited impact on you and your daily interaction with PGI. (Although we are excited for the vaccine to be more wide spread, so we can get you here to the new home office and interact with us face to face.)


However, when we change addresses we find that some time sensitive mail gets caught up in the ”forwarding process” which includes going to our old location first, and then to our new location. This can prove problematic for mail that is time sensitive. 


We changed the mail address about a month ago with the Carriers, Vendors, and of course the USPS and we see the “forwarding Process” winding down. 


We want you to let you know we are 100% dedicated to processing the mail quickly.


As a reminder, you can find any processed mail attached in your EZLynx Notification section.


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Email: notifications@pgiagents.com

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