04/07/2021 - Insurance, You indemnify me! ūüéôEpisode #3 - Carrier Spotlight with Traveler's RVP, Toby Tiffany!

04/07/2021 - Insurance, You indemnify me! ūüéôEpisode #3 - Carrier Spotlight with Traveler's RVP, Toby Tiffany!

 On this week’s podcast, we are featuring our very first Carrier interview with Traveler's RVP, Toby Tiffany! 

Toby is the Western regional VP at Travelers. This interview moves fast from a myriad of meaningful topics. The Outline of the conversation is below. 


If you have never listened to a podcast. Its about time you give it a try; Its like cuddling up in a warm blanket on a cold winter day and reading your favorite book… but better.




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1:05 - The first person we got on the carrier side was Toby Tiffany!

1:40 - It's 9 in the morning, you are ready to talk till 5 pm, right?

2:38 - I am a Buckeyes Fan (UGGHHHH)

3:30 - That explains why you're so good (@ Golf)

4:30 - I was handed a gift and an Auto Dec Page for Graduation.

4:50 - I guess that was a real-life attempt to get me off the payroll.

7:20 - That's when I joined Travelers Insurance 

9:10 - The first time I met Toby Tiffany...

9:55 - Gravitas

10:45 - I got to get to know this guy! 

11:36  - It's all about people...

12:26  - I have been cognizant enough to listen 

13:20  - Funny story that... YOU DON'T KNOW...

15:31  - We help optimize DEMAND.

16:06 -  How does the IA Channel continues to win

17:00 -  I couldn't sell an insurance policy if I tried.

18:00 -  It's people that challenge us.

18:15 -  We put lives back together

18:50 -  What is the de·re·cho? A line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that move across a great distance and are characterized by damaging winds.

19:35 -¬† Isn't this podcast called ‚Äúyou Identify me‚ÄĚ?¬†

21:31 -  3 Different Buckets

22:00 -  Our world is being shaped by the customer.

23:58 -  Nobody wakes up and says "Hey, Let's shop for INSURANCE today!"

26:20 -  The pandemic is starting to become real 

27:00 -  The technology...

29:00 -  What are your thoughts on groups/aggregators? 

30:00 -  How do we meet the needs of the customer in the future?

31:15 -  Here are a million tools to help you grow. 

33:00 -  On average people spend 5.4 hours per day connected to a device.

35:00 -  I'm dying to find out how you are an RV person? 

35:17 -  I brought my sleeping bag, it's out in the car. 

36:44 -  Most life guys don't do that. 

38:01 -  Do the thing that prepares you for your future.

38:45 -  There was one reason I came today, for the free breakfast...

40:20 -  Frequency was down across the industry. 

41:20  - I WAS FLYING

44:05 -  We had over 70 CAT Events

45:05 -  Salespeople or Field Underwriters? 

46:23 -  The opportunity of the agent....

48:28 -  Partnership is based on trust and transparency. 

51:28 -  What is the most creative way you have seen an agent fill their pipeline?

53:50 -  That agent was so good and so smooth.

54:50 -  That's telematics!

55:45 -  An agent down the road beat my rate! 

56:40 -  How do you inspect... what you expect?

58:40 -  Make it begin with what's driving it…

1:01:31 -  What do you think carriers understand and don't understand...and the industry? 

1:04:15 -  Words of Wisdom from Toby Tiffany 

1:05:01  - This is a fun place to be...


Want to know more about Toby? 


He was born and raised in the small town of Kenton, OH, where Toby earned his BS in Interpersonal Communication from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  It was soon after graduation that he had the opportunity to interact and serve the Independent Agency channel, a place where he has spent all 20+ years of his career in some capacity. He spent the first 10+ years of his career at two Fortune 100 companies, Toby had the opportunity to hold roles of increasing importance in markets such as Phoenix, Chicago, Orlando, and Denver.  That decade helped him realize what he liked most about the IA channel, and he feels it shaped him for how he interacts with agents today.

Join us for a wonderful conversation about Toby’s view on the Independent Agency channel, his insights on the industry as a whole, and a new angle to the Podcast, as the first interview of a company person.



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