03/24/2022 - NEW EPISODE of Insurance, You Indemnify Me podcast

03/24/2022 - NEW EPISODE of Insurance, You Indemnify Me podcast

 03/24/2022 - NEW EPISODE of Insurance You Indemnify Me podcast

This week’s episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me is a can't miss! 

 is joined alongside Cassandra HaynePremier Group Insurance Training Manager. Many of you already know Cassandra and the wealth of knowledge she possesses. But for those who don’t, there is a reason she deserves her own episode. In honor of Women’s History Month, this episode is heavily influenced by themes such as influential women in insurance, problems women face in the workplace, wage gaps, and many other interesting topics. 

Cassandra is originally from Southern California and moved to Pensacola Florida when she was twelve. She attended college in Gainesville at the University of Florida. She has been with PGI for 6 years where her roles and responsibilities have grown and shaped alongside her personal growth. She has a wealth of knowledge on our industry so come soak some of it up! There are a lot of name drops in this episode, you never know who is going to be mentioned.


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Honorable Mentions:
Olympia, Washington.
Mount Rainer
University of Utah
University of Florida
Back to the Future
Ghost Busters
Meg McKeen
Insurance Nerds
Women in Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Trenny Dillon(Trenny the trainer)
Bound and Determined(Women in Insurance Podcast by Meg McKeen)
Tyler Asher
Elisa Stampf 🏳️‍🌈 Stampf CEO of Insure Equality
Carey Anne Nadeau founder of LOOP insurance
Chick-fil-A-Franchise Fil A
Lisa Beige
Kim Beach, Insure Women
Taylor Dobbie
Michael McCormick
The Insurance Soup