03/19/2021 - Important updates to EZLynx Reporting in March

03/19/2021 - Important updates to EZLynx Reporting in March

 Dear PGI Agents – 


This info is not new but is a reminder that EZLynx is deactivating their old report system on Sunday 3/21.  If you have not already done so, please make sure to create all needed saved and scheduled reports in the new reporting platform.


The new platform has received many updates over the past year and is continuously improving. 


In recent weeks, EZLynx has begun releasing replacements for the old “Master” Reports. 6 of 12 of these are already available, which are estimated to cover 87% of use cases. The remaining 6 reports will be released over the next couple months along with further optimizations.


We highly recommend checking out this EZLynx article which gives a quick overview on navigating the new reports. 



If you have questions regarding this update, please reach out to Hannah Johnson at hannahj@pgiagents.com.



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