02/23/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me

02/23/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me

2/23/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me



In this week's episode of Insurance, You indemnify Me, Shawn Michael Walker sits down with Brian Blair and Matt Hahn, the founders of Agency Elephant. Agency Elephant is self-described as the most complete communication and marketing platform in the insurance industry. Brian and Matt can cater to agents' needs as they are both Captive insurance agents themselves. They understand the pain points of an agency and they have created a platform that mitigates those speedbumps. This is also the first time in this podcast's history that we will be joined by captive insurance agents. We all play the same game, but by a different set of rules, this episode proves excellent insight on the key differences between the captive and independent worlds of insurance. 


1:15 - When did you become a bearded man? 

3:30 - how did you become tech guys?

6:44 - We start talking about Automation. 

11:30 - What percent of agencies don’t have processes in place? 

19:00 - I know the problems agents have, and how to fix them. 

21:40 - Captive Life in Detail. 

22:15 – Do you want to see what it’s like to be a captive agent? 

30:19 - Myths about IA vs Captive, things we hear about each other. 

32:00 - How captives handle renewals. 

33:00 - Setting expectations with clients. 

36:00 - It's like having bad kids/ $100 an hr vs $10 an hr. 

40:00 - Some good and bad about being captive. 

42:00 – Thoughts on Farmers buying Met Life? 

53:50 – What makes Agency Elephant the best CRM? 

1:03:00 – The ability to run my agency on an hour and a half a day came from hard work. 

1:07:00 - A great story about agency Automation. 

1:11:00 – How do you fill your pipeline? 

1:18:00 - Activity breeds Activity. 

1:19:00 - Lead Generation vs Lead determination. 

1:24:00 - The major components of the appropriate tech stack.

1:26:30 – Know what you’re good at.