01/29/2021 - * Announcing Shawn Michael Walker, Premier's First Senior Vice President *

01/29/2021 - * Announcing Shawn Michael Walker, Premier's First Senior Vice President *

 January 29, 2021


To All Premier Agency Owners, Carrier Partners, and Vendors, 


We are pleased to announce Shawn Michael Walker’s new role as Senior Vice President at Premier Group Insurance!


Shawn has been with PGI for eight years. His contributions over the last eight years have had a direct role in the consistent, industry recognized accomplishments that the PGI agent family takes great pride in.


Equally important, Shawn has played an integral role with so many of you on a personal and professional level, both agency owners, and our carrier partners.   Success in business is all about Relationships and RESULTS. While hard work is certainly appreciated and valued it is achievement and execution that gets Recognized and Rewarded.  Shawn has been able to do just that in so many areas in partnership with you.  While at the same time maintaining a strong work life balance with his wife and three kids.  For staff, Shawn is a role model in this area and many others, given the pace we innovate, invest and improve at Premier.    


Which is a good segue to Shawn’s new responsibilities.  In addition to what Shawn already is engaged in, he will be the Executive Sponsor for: 

  • Premier’s Service to PGI Agencies – taking it to new heights – second to no other group for their agency owners;
  • Marketing – from the Premier Brand, to Digital Lead Gen for agencies, to telling the PGI “So Much More” story of individual and collective agency successes in PL & CL…  
  • Utilizing the latest in Algorithm, AI, & Outlier Technology to all but guarantee Profit Sharing w our sophisticated PL Carrier Partners absent surprises from Mother Nature; 
  • Multi-Cultural Initiatives..


Sum it up by saying, Shawn will take on more Strategic as well as Tactical initiatives to drive Profitable Growth with each of you as we head past our projected ending 2021 mark of nearly $500,000,000 and land at $1B five years ahead.      


Please join Premier’s Founder, Youngdon Yun and I in congratulating Shawn on his promotion and best wishes for continued Success!


And a great 2021 for all!  






Rex Hickling, CPCU, AIM

President, Premier Group Insurance, Inc.   



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