01/10/2024 - Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

01/10/2024 - Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

01/10/2024 - Brand New Episode of the 'Insurance, You Indemnify Me' Podcast!

PGI Agency Owners and Partners, 

This week's guest on the podcast is Tom Quintrell. Tom is the founder and owner of QIG (Quintrell Insurance Group) based in Oak Grove, Missouri. He is a lifelong insurance professional who has cultivated a rewarding multi-generational career in the industry. Tom understands the invaluable role agents play in their clients' lives and enhances the sense of security for his clients. Join us to glean insights from an experienced agent!



If you don’t have time for the entire episode, here are the time stamps:

1:00 - You're from Kansas City? 

4:30 - Who are you? 

8:05 - I asked what are the downsides of being an independent agency owner? 

12:15 - Do your due diligence when picking a partner. 

15:40 - Was Dad mad when you left Allstate? 

24:40 - Is your son as gregarious as you are? 

28:15 - Funnies story in insurance? 

37:00 - This is Agent Smith with the FBI. 

49:05 - What don't carriers understand about agents? 

53:20 - Who are your mentors or personal board of directors? 

56:22 - How do you manage your time? 

59:25 - What mistakes have you made along the way? 

1:04:35 - One of our superpowers is just being authentic.

1:09:05 - Favorite carrier? 

1:10:12 What would you tell younger Tom? 


Honorable Mentions: 

QIG (Quintrell Insurance Group) 

Kansas City Chiefs 


Taylor Swift 

Patrick Mahomes 

Robert Clinger 


Agent of the Year(Allstate) 


Met Life 

Merrill Agency 




National General