7/13/2020 - ✨YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE! ✨ Sign up for Nationwide Co-Op Marketing Program

7/13/2020 - ✨YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE! ✨ Sign up for Nationwide Co-Op Marketing Program

Dear PGI Agents –

Interested in saving money on specific marketing tactics or purchased leads? The Nationwide Co-op Marketing Program is an annual program designed to help agents fuel growth in partnership with Nationwide. With this program, you can receive 50% reimbursement on eligible marketing expenses when you use the Nationwide brand when required and if approved by Premier.  If you are interested in signing up, please follow the steps below.

  • You must be a Nationwide agent. If you do NOT have a Nationwide code, contact your licensing person. 
  • Review the attached eligibility guide for this year's approved vendors.
  • To be approved, you must click on the image below to fill out the PGI sign up form.
  • Submit all invoices monthly to PGI for processing

Program Reminders

  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted via Marketing Central and submitted by PGI Corporate Office
  • PGI & Nationwide reserves the right to change eligible tactics, vendors and/or reimbursement levels throughout the year.
  • As a participant of the program, it is your responsibility to check eligibility requirements prior to initiating your activity
  • Sign up with the approved vendor and tell them you are going to be apart of the Natiownide Co-Op Program (They will request your PGI Agency Code: 28352)
  • At the end of each month, submit all invoices to KelseyO@PGIAgents.com
  • Lead Invoices are not reimbursed pro-rated. Money will be reimbursed on a AS USED bases. 
  • Nationwide reimbursement can take up to 120 days to provide payment back to Premier.
  • PGI will then send a check with the approved amount. (Please know this may be different that requested.)

If you have questions regarding 2019/2020 Co-op claims or accessing Marketing Central, contact Kelsey Oglesbee (KelseyO@PGIAgents.com)


Go ahead and click on the link above to sign up. To see all eligible opportunities you can  Review the 2020 Co-op Eligibility Guide here.


Kelsey Oglesbee

Marketing Department Manager


600 17th Street Ste. 1425N | Denver, CO 80202

Direct: 303-325-5870| Office: 720-457-1101

Email: kelseyo@pgiagents.com


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