10/19/2022 - New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me with Jack Jameson!

10/19/2022 - New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me with Jack Jameson!

10/19/2022 - New Episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me with Jack Jameson!

This episode's guest is Jack Jameson, owner of JWR Insurance, an insurance celebrity who has recently been reborn into the world of independent agency ownership. He's saving folks so much on the P&C side. Jack is Farmers famous, before becoming independent he spent 20 years with farmers! As one of their top producers of life insurance, Jack was sent across the country to spread his knowledge with fellow agents. While most have to travel to expensive conferences to listen to Jack, we brought him to the show for you! Jack is a SERIOUS life guy and everyone should listen to this specific show with a pen and paper in hand, it's that good! 




If you don't have time for the full episode here are time stamps. 


Time Stamps: 

0:40 - Jack Background 

10:05 - I grew up dirt poor 

11:00 - So literally every Farmers agent has seen you at least once? 

12:17 - “My Goal when I am on the main stage is to give the audience the want to, to sell life” 

13:03 - “My Goal when I speak is to offend half the audience and Inspire the other half” 

13:36- “Most of the audience is P&C agents, how does a P&C agent make that transition?” “We are taught to go through the garage” 14:39 - “You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one” – Umbrella Line 

19:45 - “Tell me the best story you have in your entire career of Indemnification” Gold for the next ten minutes. 

21:35 - Bad things happen to good people 

24:25 - “You are not a real-life insurance agent until you deliver your first death check” 

30:10 - ‘My DM was old School, the reason I started a review program was to fix all my mistakes 

33:33 - “Are you sharing that story with your client?” 

35:34 - “To be a top writer, you must be a combination of two things bold and sincere” 

38:35 - #1 objection to selling is, “I don’t want to make someone feel uncomfortable”….Thrown Metaphorical grenades in the room and said see you later, how are you going to deal with that. 

43:45 - “Nobody’s going to make an independent agent do anything” 

47:20 - “Let's talk about going Independent, what made you want to switch? 

57:18 - Is the DM Job a dreamy job, that’s my question? 

1:01:15 - “You should be going to the office every day doing what you want to do, not what you have to do” 1:02:00 - I would not be sitting here today if Farmers had not given me a chance 20 years ago” 

1:03:45 - ‘The Soup Live event opened my eyes actually it was my uber ride with Shawn’ 

1:14:00 - “Right policy, right client, right reasons” 

1:24:50 - “If you suspect your neighbor is cooking crack, Call Jack” 


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