07/24/2020 - **E&O Webinar Follow Up**

07/24/2020 - **E&O Webinar Follow Up**

 Dear PGI Agent,


Thank you for attending the recent webinar on Errors and Omissions. Attached is a 2-page summary document to help reiterate some of the main takeaways from today’s presentation. As you begin to implement these practices into your agency’s daily routine you will quickly come to understand the importance of following the 5 STARS. By taking small steps each day to prevent E&O exposure you will dramatically reduce your risk of experiencing an E&O claim for yourself. As you follow the best practices of the 5 STARS presentation you will be able to participate in deductible sharing.  (See your contract for more details).  E&O claims at an agency level can cause more pain than the payment of a deductible; an E&O claim can result in carrier actions that result in discipline, terminations, damage to the agency reputation, and even DOI inquiries.


Our goal at Premier Group Insurance is to maintain our stellar reputation of E&O excellence; we need your commitment.  If you would like further information on Errors and Omissions or have questions regarding your financial obligations as outlined in your contract, please reach out. Additionally, once all agents have had an opportunity to view the webinar, we will be sending out a FAQ document to address some of the common questions we received during the webinar Q&A sessions. 


We sincerely thank you for your time, your hard work, your diligence, and most of all your cooperation in this matter. As always, we are here for you when you need us.  


Thank You,


The PGI Team