06/28/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

06/28/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

06/28/2022 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me! 

In this week’s episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me we have Loretta Dominguez! Loretta is a passionate business owner of Bundle Bee Insurance of El Paso, Texas. Have you ever heard a cuter name than Bundle Bee Insurance? She provides a charismatic and diligent approach to providing personalized solutions. Before joining PGI as an independent agent 3 years ago, she ran a Farmers Championship agency for over 30 years. In addition to her successful agencies, she also owns and operates Mosquito Vector services provided in both El Paso, TX, and Tampa, FL. 


Loretta is as savvy a business mind as they come. So don't miss out on this info-packed episode! 


If you don't have time to listen to the whole episode here are timestamps: 


1:00 - How did you come across such a cute name for your agency? 

4:40 - Who is Loretta? 

16:30 - Road to bundle bee. 

27:30 - What do you do on social media that's so special? 

29:00 - Hill Billy Scavenger Hunt. 

42:45 - Best insurance stories? (Eddy Van Halen could've been an insurance agent!) 

54:33 - Rep pushing too hard. 

104:30 - Proactive vs Reactive on renewals. 

1:09:00 - What would you tell your younger self? 


Honorable Mentions: 

Daniel Soung 

Aaron Gordon 


Bundle Bee 

Get your Buzz on 


4 staff now Virtual staff 

Brian Brockman 

Digital Marketing 

Victoria Dominguez 


Jack Jamison 

Line new home buyers up with a lawyer to do a living will and 


Brian Blair 

Matt Hahn 

Agency Elephant