06/21/2017 PGI & The Hartford Contest

The Hartford and Premier Group Insurance have teamed up with The Colorado Rockies to offer a Suite Night Experience on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 and we’d like YOU to join us!
The contest runs from 5/1/17 through 6/30/17.  We have about 2 weeks left!  Here are the leaders so far:
Jo Ann Fisher               8 Quotes          2 Issued Policies          10 Points total.
Young Kim                   7 Quotes                                              7 Points total.
Yvonne Montoya         3 Quotes                                              3 Points total.
Mike Gutierrez            1 Quote           1 Issued Policy             2 Points total.
Afsaneh Manshadi      1 Quote           1 Issued Policy             2 Points total.
Deanna Vega              1 Quote           1 Issued Policy             2 Points total.
Diane Trujillo              2 Quotes                                              2 Points total.
Chris Long                   1 Quote                                               1 Point total.
Patti Turner                 1 Quote                                               1 Point Total.
If I missed something or got something wrong, please let me know.  I’ll make it right!
As you can see, there’s plenty of room still—we have lots of room in the suite.  you can’t win if you don’t quote!!!!  (some of these quotes are “in process”—if they get issued, you’ll get credit for more points!)
As a reminder, here’s how to win!
  • Contest runs for Select Customer policies with effective dates from 5/1/17 to 6/30/17.  (Issued policies with an effective date in this range already count!)
  • Each person with their own ICON ID earns 1 point for each quoted Select Customer Policy (a Spectrum, Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation quoted for a single customer will count as 3 points).  Let’s take advantage of our 30% yield rate and encourage more quotes!  We’re so confident that by simply quoting us we’ll issue business that you can win on points from quoting only!
  • For each Select Customer Policy that is issued, you will earn 2 points (1 point for the quote; 1 point for the issued policy).  (An issued Spectrum Policy; issued Commercial Auto Policy and issued Worker Comp policy from the same account all with effective dates between 5/1/17 and 6/30/17 will count as 6 points! 1 each for the quotes and 1 each for the issued policies).
  • The folks with the most points at the end of the contest period win attendance at an exclusive evening for Premier Group Insurance at our Luxury Suite at the Colorado Rockies on the evening of Tuesday,  July 18.
  • Any single issued policy with an effective date between 5/1/17 and 6/30/17 over $5,000 automatically wins!
The Hartford is an official sponsor of Major League Baseball and our partner/spokesman is Major Leaguer, Mariano Riviera  There’s a cool short video attached on how ot PREVAIL!
With the World Series on the line, Mariano Riviera PREVAILED!  Let us help you in your daily strive for excellence!