06/09/2020 - EZLynx Corner- EZLynx Client Center: Foster Happier and More Profitable Customers

06/09/2020 - EZLynx Corner- EZLynx Client Center: Foster Happier and More Profitable Customers
Dear PGI Agents, 
Did you know with your core EZLynx package you have access to CLIENT CENTER!!!
What is client center? Client Center is your agency’s digital customer service representative.
Client center can help your customers and boost your efficiency by giving your customers 24/7/365 access to their policy documents and ID cards. With Client Center, your customers can access and print and share confidential documents easily and securely online, as well as request policy changes and view coverages. 
 Here's what your customers can do: 
View policies¬†‚ÄstCustomers can view all their policies and better understand their coverages. ¬†¬†
¬†Download ID cards¬†‚ÄstOn the go and forgot their card (like a traffic stop)? No problem! Policyholders can quickly¬†retrieve ID cards to display on their mobile device, or print for safekeeping.¬†¬†
Request changes¬†‚ÄstPolicy change requests are logged immediately and sent to your agency through EZLynx.¬†This helps you improve your response times and increase your productivity
Update information¬†‚ÄstMoving and need to change their mailing address? Clients can update all their information directly and at their convenience.¬†¬†They can even specify a contact method and time that works best for them.
Share policy documents¬†‚ÄstClient documents can be downloaded to print or save. Best of all, document sharing works in both directions. Clients can also upload documents or pictures securely and conveniently.¬†
Share proposal documents or pre-renewal account review questionnaires¬†‚ÄstThe documents sharing feature is also ideal for communicating in remarketing situations. Again‚Ķ when face-to-face isn‚Äôt convenient, EZLynx¬†Client Center provides a secure online solution to keep the process moving forward.¬†
Watch the video below to see how Client Center looks on your website and in your email signature.
Create your unique link and start promoting Client Center to your Customers now. View the attached PDF on how to create your own unique link. 
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