04/28/2020 - Existing Book of Business Lead Program

04/28/2020 - Existing Book of Business Lead Program
Dear PGI Agents, 
During this unprecedented time, some of you may be seeing new business leads slow down a bit. In turn maybe commissions are struggling some…  You might find yourself with more time on your hands to analyze your business and set up improved processes. We wanted to take a moment to walk you through a few ways you can look at your existing book of business to create opportunity with tools already at your fingertips.
Every agency has 5+ core marketing tools underneath their own roof that they should be doing.
•             Re-market quotes not bound
•             Analyze cancelations, lapses and non-renewals and re-market
•             Cross Sell monoline business where agent has Auto but not main property line, including renters and condos. And vice versa where agent has the Home line but not the auto….
•             Account rounding where agent already had both lines but customer may not be aware of limitations in policy for things like jewelry.  Also other line needs – Boats, ATVs, Umbrellas, etc., from an account review update to provide protection and save client $.…   
•             Referrals- People always like to save $ and get value.  More so even now.  As agents make contact they can inquire about a referral for someone else who may be in need…
Below is a link to a video that walks your through some key features in EZLynx to help you set these 5 tools in motion. This information is also available via our Premier Learning Center on ourwww.pgiagents.com website. 
Managing Leads in EZLynx
The video walks through how to…
•             Customize lead information for each applicant in EZLynx ( starts at min 3:24)
•             Run a Leads Detail Report and how to schedule the report to be sent to you in an email every Monday morning  (starts at min 10:51)
•             Run a Cross-Sell Detail Report and how to save the report to use in the future for generating an email campaign (starts at min 12:20)
•             Run a Policy Expiration Detail report and identify renewal increase outliers to re-market (starts at min 25:30)
•             Use Text Messaging to communicate with clients (starts at min 33:00)
•             Generate an email campaign to a target audience (starts at min 37:50)
•             Ask for a referral (starts at min 48:14)
In conjunction with the how to’s on pulling your data, PGI has also put together a few scripts and templates for these 5 core marketing tools so you can send the time you need on reaching out to your clients. Please see attached examples.
If you are having any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your personal lines training specialist.
Thank you,
Cassandra Hayne
Personal Lines Training Manager
600 17th Street Ste. 1425N | Denver, CO 80202
Direct: 303-242-8125| Office: 720-457-1101