04/08/2020 - Agency Bill Payment and Rules Update

04/08/2020 - Agency Bill Payment and Rules Update
Attention Agents:
We now have two changes for agency bill policies.
  1. The current rules in force have been updated and are attached. Please take a moment to go over them.
  1. From today please do not send any checks to PGI for payment. Instead, use our online payment portal. This portal can be used with your insured’s information as well. Please note that there is a $5 ach fee for bank accounts and a 3.25% fee for any payments made with credit card. I have included further instructions for these payments below. You may collect the fee from the insured or send the link directly to the insured for them to pay. If you have already sent in payment via check, prior to 4/7/19 that is okay.
How to?
  • Enter your payment information.
    • Please make sure to enter an email address and the total Gross amount to pay.

  • In the notes section, please enter insured name and Policy Number.
A copy of the receipt will be sent to email provided. Have insured email the receipt to you and follow up with accounting to make sure payment was applied. There may be some instances where the information will not be in the receipt and accounting will not know where to apply payment. It is very important to ensure payments for your clients’ policies have been correctly applied.
For more information please contact accounting department commissions@pgiagents.com
Thank you,
Rachel Jung
Agency Bill Specialist
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