03/03/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

03/03/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

03/03/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me! 



On this week's episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me we have Jason Storoschuck, owner of S&K Insurance Agency. Jason has had an interesting professional career. From being a Private Investigator like Magnum to owning a captive agency for 14 years. Jason has endless tips and tricks that any agent can learn from, and quite a few fun stories to go along with, like maybe almost fighting in the Roman Colosseum! Are you not entertained? 


If you don't have time for the full episode here are the important time stamps: 

0:53 - Who is Jason? 

3:45 - What was it like being a private investigator? Was it like Magnum PI? 

9:10 - You were with Farmers for 14 years, how long have you been independent? 

13:30 - I opened my agency on December 1st of 2019, and then covid hit, how did you handle it? 

14:45 - What's the funniest thing to ever happen to you in insurance. 

16:54 - The coolest guy you know in the industry? 

18:00 - What makes insurance foxy to you? 

19:50 - Thoughts on the hard market? 

26:00 - What are you doing to win? 

27:00 - What was it that made you bail from Farmers? 

30:00 - Shawn Micheal Walker almost got into a fight in Paris! 

31:30 - Jason almost got in a fight in the colosseum in Italy! Gladiator! 

33:20 - What is the tech you use in your agency? 

45:40 - What do carriers do that drives you nuts? 

48:45 - What percent of your decision is driven by rate? 

53:00 - What would you tell young Jason? 


Honorable Mentions: 

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Aurora, Colorado 



Hungarian Hunting dog 




March Madness 

Jeff Holtman 

David Colvin 


Tommy Boy 


Paris, France 

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