01/24/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

01/24/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me!

01/24/2023 - New episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me! 

On this weeks episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me, we have Andy Mathisen.


Andy Mathisen is the Co-founder of GloveBox. GloveBox is a centralized mobile and web application allowing insurance policyholders to access their policy documents, pay a bill, initiate a claim and so much more regardless of which carrier their policies are written with. The goal of GloveBox is to enhance the customer experience for the insurance client while reducing service costs and increasing overhead for both agencies and carriers. Before Starting GloveBox, Andy worked for a large agency, as a VP, Director of Marketing, and Director of Sales. He has plenty of experience on not only the agency side but now the technical side of the insurance world. 



This episode is jam-packed with valuable information. 

Time stamps: 

0:30 - Who is Andy Mathisen? 

5:00 - There are kids trying to get into insurance now. 

6:50 - Agency life or tech life? Which is better? 

10:30 - Who's Better with the ladies? You or your brother? 

11:50 - Best Practice an agent can use in their agency? 

13:50 - What is Glove Box? 

19:40 - How did two successful agency guys become tech guys? 

27:00 - How did you get huge Mortgage Brokers to give you leads? 

35:00 - What makes Glove Box better than the others? 

38:45 - Who are some agents who are absolutely killing it? Why are they killing it? 

44:30 - Winning tech companies are doing what? 

47:30 - What's the funniest insurance story you have? 

55:40 - One City World Tour, What is it? 

1:02:30 - Rapid fire questions! 

1:07:40 - Andy has a question for Shawn! 


Honorable Mentions: 

Highlands Ranch Highschool Falcons 

Denver Broncos 

University of Kansas 

Kansas City 

Lawrence, KS. 

Glove Box 



Home Alone 2 

Christmas Vacation 

Insurance agent app 



Urban Young 

Patrick McBride 

CJ Huntsenpiller 

Aaron Gordon 

Chad Maxey 

Bradley Flowers 

The Office 

Parks and Recreation 

Scott Howell